RT-Thread RTOS  1.0.0
An open source embedded real-time operating system
rt_module Struct Reference

#include <rtdef.h>

Data Fields

struct rt_object parent
void * module_entry
rt_thread_t module_thread
rt_uint32_t stack_size
void * mem_list
void * page_array
rt_uint32_t page_cnt
rt_uint32_t nsym
struct rt_module_symtab * symtab
rt_uint32_t nref

Detailed Description

Application Module structure

Field Documentation

inherit from object

module memory space

entry address of module's thread

stack size of module's thread

priority of module's thread

module's free memory list

module's using pages

module's using pages count

number of symbol in the module

struct rt_module_symtab* rt_module::symtab

module symbol table

reference count object in this module, module object is the last basic object type

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